Geared towards direct conversions and signups, our Google Ads services direct visitors to your website to find what they are looking for.

Measurable, trackable, cost-effective marketing - Google Ads.

Having a website is paramount to success in the modern business era, but even more so – getting visitors to your website. At Activation Media we funnel your prospective clients to complete valuable actions on your website. Be it buying a membership, voucher, book, demo, filling in your contact form, or even calling you directly.

Specific Targeting

You can specifically target demographics when it comes to age groups, genders, locations, and more.

Massive Reach

Google is the world’s largest search engine, the visibility that you generate with your users is enormous.

How we do it.

Through proper analyses of your current website(s) and/or Google Ads campaigns, we extrapolate relevant data necessary to set up the optimal online campaign for your Brand. We also do keyword research so that we fully understand the market so that we can identify opportunities in your market for your business.

Once we’ve taken the necessary steps to grow your Brand with our Google Ads services, we keep you updated with monthly reports that display relevant statistics and recommendations by our experts.

Extremely Cost-effective

Not only is it the most trackable and measurable form of marketing, but it is also extremely cost-effective as the cost is only taken from your monthly budget when someone actually clicks on your ad.

Monthly Reports Keep You Updated

We provide clear monthly reporting on your business' dedicated campaign and more insights into your audience and how they perceive your marketing drive.